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Ageing and Frailty

Healthy ageing research programme to improve the healthcare for older people, particularly those with frailty

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Stroke Rehabilitation

To improve the longer term psycho-social outcomes for people and their carers after stroke

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Care Homes

To enhance care provision and service for older people living in care homes

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Medicine Optimisation for Older People

Optimise prescription of medicine to achieve the best outcomes for patients

Our impacts, news and events

world map graphImpact StudiesImpact Studies - Stroke Rehabilitation
6 June 2023

International spread of the Longer-term Unmet Needs after Stroke (LUNS) questionnaire

There has been continuous growing international interest in our 22 item Longer-term Unmet Needs after Stroke (LUNS) questionnaire. The tool has been translated into multiple languages including Dutch, French, Chinese,…
NewsNews - Ageing and Frailty
6 June 2023

New research grant award to tackle digital exclusion in older people

We are delighted to have been awarded a new research grant (£412,250) by the Dunhill Medical Trust to develop methods to identify digitally excluded older people, and tailor interventions to…
Impact StudiesImpact Studies - Ageing and Frailty
24 April 2023

National delivery of the multi-award winning and NICE recommended Electronic Frailty Index

The eFI uses existing patient data in primary care to identify populations of people aged 65 and over who are frail. This early identification of people who are frail creates…

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