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Ageing and Frailty

Our award-winning Ageing and Frailty research theme addresses the needs of an ageing population

This population has life-long accumulated exposures which contribute to chronic disease and give rise to associated physical and mental health co-morbidities. In response to the health service challenges posed by multi-morbidity in the elderly, our research encompasses:

  • The nature of frailty in the elderly and its impact on service use.
  • Mental health morbidity (delirium, dementia, depression) in physical healthcare settings.
  • Evaluation of services for older people, for example community hospitals, day hospitals and intermediate care.
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Our Research Projects

Exploring dementia risk factors among ethnic minorities in the UK: A study based on Connected Bradford dataset

Brain shaped white jigsaw puzzle on blue background, a missing piece of the brain puzzle, mental health and problems with memory

Minoritised ethnic groups and modifiable dementia risk

Community-based complex interventions to sustain independence in older people

The INCLUDE study: Development of methods to identify digitally excluded older people, and tailoring of interventions to meet their digital needs

The CARE75+ Cohort

Personalised Care Planning for Older People with Frailty (PROSPER)

Pain in Older People with Frailty – The POPPY Study

Enabling health and maintaining independence for older people at home: the ‘HomeHealth’ trial

Developing a novel system of care targeting risk factors for five manifestations of frailty to maintain the independence of older people in hospital and post-discharge (OPTIMISE)

Man check blood pressure monitor and heart rate monitor with digital pressure gauge.

Optimising blood pressure management for older people with frailty

Home-based Extended Rehabilitation for Older people (HERO)

A study to understand and optimise community hospital care in the NHS (MoCHA)

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NewsNews - Ageing and Frailty
21 December 2023

New research grant award to explore and improve osteoporosis care for older women

We are delighted to have been awarded new research grant by National Institute for Health and Care Research to undertake qualitative exploration of older women and healthcare professional experiences to…
NewsNews - Ageing and Frailty
3 November 2023

Celebrating 36 years of world-class Ageing and Stroke Research in Bradford

36 years of commitment, innovation and perseverance in conducting world-class research to improve the health and care of older people and survivors of stroke. In 1987 Professor John Young and…
NewsNews - Ageing and Frailty
6 June 2023

New research grant award to tackle digital exclusion in older people

We are delighted to have been awarded a new research grant (£412,250) by the Dunhill Medical Trust to develop methods to identify digitally excluded older people, and tailor interventions to…