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Ismail Patel

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Elderly Care Researcher

ORCID  000-008-473-0553

Ismail is an Elderly Care Researcher who joined the department in 2015 and currently working on the NIHR funded PROSPER trial which looks at Personalised care Planning for older people. Ismail graduated with a degree in Pharmaceutical Science and has a postgraduate qualification in Clinical Research.

Ismail brings a wealth of research and management experience having worked for the NIHR as a National Portfolio Facilitator where he was in charge of performance managing the National Genetics, Hematology, Children’s and Reproductive Health portfolio specialties. Ismail has also worked as a Trials Coordinator for the University of Leeds and as a Clinical Research Officer for the South West Yorkshire Mental Health Trust.

Ismail’s experience includes: quantitative research in hospital and care home settings; working with older people who may have cognitive impairment and qualitative methods within mental health including observations and interviews.

Recent Publications

Crocker TF, Jordão M, Lam N, Ramiz R, Mirza L, Patel I, Ellwood A, Patetsini E, Ensor J, Forster A, Clegg A, Gladman J. Development of the Community-based complex Interventions to sustain Independence in Older People (CII-OP) typology: a qualitative synthesis of interventions in randomised controlled trials. Age and Ageing 2024;53:afae102.

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Kelly C, Hulme C, Graham L, Ellwood A, Patel I, Cundill B, Farrin A, Goodwin M, Hull K, Fisher J, Forster A. Inter-rater reliability of care home staff’s proxy judgements with residents’ assessments of their own health-related quality of life: an analysis of the PATCH trial EQ-5D data. Age Ageing, 2021; 50(4):1314–1320.

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