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Dr Alan Wright

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Research Fellow

ORCID 0000-0002-5787-293X

Alan completed a PhD exploring the impact of physical activity on the wellbeing of older adults living with dementia in 2014. He has an interest in qualitative research methods and has been involved in projects in the department since 2015. Initially contributing to the REACH trial, he then worked on the process evaluation for both the Lots2Care and PROSPER studies.

Recent Publications

Kime N, Wright A, Heaven A, Hawkins R, Smith J, Cundill B, Foy R, Lawton R, Farrin A, Hulme C, Clegg A. Implementing personalised care planning for older people with frailty: a process evaluation of the PROSPER feasibility trial. BMC Geriatrics 2022; 22(760).

Forster A, Godfrey M, Green J, McMaster N, Airlie J, Cundill B, Lawton R, Hawkins R, Hulme C, Birch K, Brown L, Cicero R, Crocker T, Dawkins B, Ellard D, Ellwood A, Firth J, Gallagher B, Graham L, Johnson L, Lusambili A, Marti J, McCrorie C, McLellen V, Patel I, Prashar A, Siddiqi N, Trépel D, Wheeler I, Wright A, Young J, Farrin A. Strategies to enhance routine physical activity in care home residents: the REACH research programme including a cluster feasibility RCT. Programme Grants Applied Research 2021;9(9).

Forster A, Ozer S, Crocker TF, House A, Hewison J, Roberts E, Dickerson J, Carter G, Hulme C, Fay M, Richardson G, Wright A, McKevitt C, McEachan R, Foy R, Barnard L, Moreau L, Prashar A, Clarke D, Hardicre N, Holloway I, Brindle R, Hall J, Burton L, Atkinson R, Hawkins R J, Brown L, Cornwall N, Dawkins B, Meads D, Schmitt L, Fletcher M, Speed M, Grenfell K, Hartley S, Young J, Farrin A. Longer-term health and social care strategies for stroke survivors and their carers: the LoTS2Care research programme including cluster feasibility RCT. Programme Grants for Applied Research Volume 2021;9(3).

Forster A, Crocker T, Wright A, Barnard L, Ozer S, Atkinson R, Hardicre NK, House A, Hewison J, McKevitt C, Farrin AJ and on behalf of the LoTS2Care Programme Management Group. An intervention to support stroke survivors and their carers in the longer term (LoTS2Care): study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled feasibility trial. Trials (2018) 19(1):317. doi:10.1186/s13063-018-2669-5

Wright A. (2018) Exploring the relationship between community-based physical activity and wellbeing in people with dementia: a qualitative study. Ageing & Society;38(3):522-542.

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