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Dr Alison Ellwood

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Research Fellow

Alison Ellwood re-joined the Academic Unit for Ageing and Stroke Research in April 2024, having worked in the department previously as a research assistant. She has worked on several studies within the unit primarily within Care Home projects, but also in hospital and community settings.

She is currently working as a Research Fellow on a study examining Structured Medication Reviews and will be conducting qualitative research with older people and other stakeholders including healthcare professionals and care home staff. This study is aimed at exploring the quality and accessibility of Structured Medication Reviews for older people living with severe frailty.

Alison worked for several years in a residential care home and completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology, before working as a research assistant on Care Home based projects with the Academic Unit and Leeds University. She recently completed her PhD exploring the lived experience of ageing with co-existent frailty and cognitive impairment. Alison’s study used life course and narrative methods to explore how current and past psychological and social events and experiences can influence how people experience, and manage, frailty and cognitive impairments in later life.


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