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Dr Kate Best

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Senior Research Fellow

ORCID 0000-0002-4663-7141

Kate is a Senior Research Fellow working jointly in the Academic Unit for Ageing and Stroke Research and the Leeds Centre for Personalised Medicine and Health. She is currently working as part of the HDR-UK Better Care North Partnership to develop and evaluate an anticholinergic medication index to optimise prescribing among older people.

Kate is a statistician with an MSc in Medical Statistics from the University of Leicester (2010) and a PhD in Epidemiology from Newcastle University (2016). She has experience working with large routinely collected health data sets using a variety of different methods including survival analyses and multilevel modelling

Recent Funding Awarded

Pirmohamed M, Clegg A, Rodgers S, Alderson S, Alldred D, West R, Best KE, Walker L, Mehdizadeh D, Bonnet L, Buchan I, Farrin A, Foy R, Johnson O, Lawton T, McInerney C, Teale E, Young B. Development of a learning system to optimise anticholinergic medication prescribing for older people living with frailty. £1,200,000 (part of £3,400,000 HDRUK North award). 05/2020 to 03/2023

Rankin J, Best KE, O’Sullivan J. Length of stay (LOS) and predictors of LOS following paediatric congenital heart disease (CHD) repair in the North of England. £33,499. Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Charity 2019-2020.

Rankin J Lingam R, Glinianaia S, Best KE. (2015). The prevalence and expected prevalence of selected childhood conditions in England; current figures and predictions. Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children. £14,999.

Recent Publications

Archer L, Relton S, Akbari A, Best K, Bucknall M, Conroy S, Hattle M, Hollinghurst J, Humphrey S, Lyons R, Richards S, Walters K, West R, van der Windt D, Riley R, Clegg A. Development and external validation of the eFalls tool: a multivariable prediction model for the risk of ED attendance or hospitalisation with a fall or fracture in older adults. Age and Ageing 2024;52(3)

Adesanya AM, Best KE, Coats L. Rankin J. Predictors of Post-Operative Hospital Length of Stay Following Complete Repair of Tetralogy of Fallot in a Pediatric Cohort in the North of England. Pediatric Cardiology 2024;45,92–99.

Best K, Todd O, Clegg A. Are frailty measurements derived using electronic health records fit for clinical use? Age and Ageing 2024;53(2):afae001.

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Rankin J. The improved prognosis of hypoplastic left heart: A population-based register study of 343 cases in England & Wales. Under review in Frontiers (congenital anomaly special edition), 2020.

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