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Matthew Prescott

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Trial Manager

ORCID 0000-0001-7397-9422

Matthew is a Physiotherapist with special interest in stroke, neurology and elderly care. Work as a physiotherapist has included acute hospital, rehabilitation ward, intermediate care setting also out-patient and community setting. A Secondment to the Yorkshire Stroke Research Network (YSRN) in 2011-12 involved facilitating the implementation of rehabilitation research trials throughout Yorkshire (DARS, AVERT).

Since working for the YSRN research activity alongside clinical work has involved in 2 large national multicentre research trials as a co-applicant for ReAcT stroke rehabilitation study and a member of the trial management group (lead physiotherapist) for DARS stroke trial.

Since March 2017, taken a role as trial manager for HERO trial. A multi-centre trial evaluating the effectiveness of a Home-based Extended Rehabilitation programme for frail Older people

Recent Funding Awarded

Clarke DJ, Forster A, Rodgers H, Tyson S, Drummond A, Palmer R, Prescott M. ReAcT: Why do stroke patients not receive the recommended amount of therapy? NIHR RfPB, £346,189; 01/09/2014-28/02/2017.

Recent Publications

Crocker TF, Ensor J, Lam N, Jordão M, Bajpai R, Bond M, Forster A, Riley R, Andre D, Brundle C, Ellwood A, Green J, Hale M, Mirza L, Morgan J, Patel I, Patetsini E, Prescott M, Ramiz R, Todd O, Walford R, Gladman J, Clegg A. Community based complex interventions to sustain independence in older people: systematic review and network meta-analysis BMJ 2024; 384 :e077764.

Crocker TF, Lam N, Jordão M, Brundle C, Prescott M, Forster A, Ensor J, Gladman J, Clegg A. Risk-of-bias assessment using Cochrane’s revised tool for randomized trials (RoB 2) was useful but challenging and resource-intensive: observations from a systematic review. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 2023;161:39-45.

Prescott M, Lilley-Kelly A. Cundill B, Clarke D, Drake S, Farrin AJ, Forster A, Goodwin M, Goodwin VA, Hall AJ, Hartley S, Holland M, Hulme C, Nikolova S, Parker C, Wright P, Ziegler F, Clegg A. Home-based Extended Rehabilitation for Older people (HERO): study protocol for an individually randomised controlled multi-centre trial to determine the clinical and cost-effectiveness of a home-based exercise intervention for older people with frailty as extended rehabilitation following acute illness or injury including embedded process evaluation. Trials 2021;22(783).

Clarke DJ, Burton L, Tyson SF, Rodgers H, Drummond A, Palmer R, Hoffman A, Prescott M, Tyrrell P, Brkic L, Grenfell K, Forster A. Why do stroke survivors not receive recommended amounts of active therapy? Findings from the ReAcT study, a mixed-methods case-study evaluation in eight stroke units. Clinical Rehabilitation 2018;32(8): 1119-1132.

Clarke D, Drummond A, Burton L, Tyson S, Rodgers H, Palmer R, Grenfell K, Prescott M, Forster A. What factors influence the provision of therapy to stroke survivors? Findings from an in-depth qualitative case-study series in eight stroke units. International Journal of Stroke 2016;11(Supp3):35.

Clarke D, Tyson S, Rodgers H, Drummond A, Palmer R, Prescott M, Tyrrell P, Burton L, Grenfell K, Brkic L, and Forster A. (2015) Why do patients with stroke not receive the recommended amount of active therapy (ReAcT)? Study protocol for a multisite case study investigation, BMJ Open, 5 (8).

Prescott M, Ford G, Bhakta B, Cozens A, Hartley S, Holloway I, Meads D, Ruddock S, Santorelli G, Sackley C and Walker M, Farrin A. (2015) How much, how often, when and where? A description of NHS routine occupational and physical therapy from the DARS trial, International Journal of Stroke, 10 (S5).