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Dr Oliver Todd

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Clinical Lecturer

ORCID 0000-0001-7212-8095

Oliver is a doctor specialising in the care of older adults. His research focuses primarily on improving the management of hypertension in later life, and the use of big data and artificial intelligence to improve care of older adults. Oliver’s research is based in Bradford. Currently, he works clinically as a registrar at St James’s Hospital, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Recent Funding Awarded

Todd O. Stratified hypertension management in later life: establishment of cohort linkage between ambulatory blood pressure measurements and routine health and social care data in Connected Bradford at University of Leeds. The Academy of Medical Sciences £29,472.50; 01/09/2022 to 01/12/2023.

Todd O, Hall M, Gale CP, Clegg AP. Does frailty modify the association of Blood Pressure and Outcomes in the Canadian Longitudinal Ageing Study Cohort British Geriatrics Society Specialist Registrar Start Up Grant (£2,858) 04/2018 –

Todd O, Young J, Hall M, Gale CP, Clegg AP. Can frailty inform the management of hypertension in in older people? (£192,301)
Dunhill Medical Trust Research PhD Training Fellowship. 10/2017 – 12/2020

Todd O, Flanagan KF. Does CMV affect the immunogenicity of BCG vaccination in Gambian infants? Elective at the Medical Research Council (UK), Fajara, The Gambia. Wellcome Trust Elective Grant (£1600); Pathology Society (£1200); Hammersmith Hospitals Elective Trust Fund (£500). 07/2007 – 09/2007

Recent Publications

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