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Rosie Shannon

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Research Fellow

ORCID  0000-0003-0346-7282

Rosie is a Research Fellow currently working on the NIHR-funded RECREATE programme grant. This is aimed at enhancing health for stroke survivors by reducing sedentary behaviour.

She originally qualified as an Occupational Therapist, and has since worked at the Bradford Institute for Health Research on a number of health intervention studies: Care transitions for older patients moving from hospital to home; Longer term care after stroke; Person-centred care for people with dementia in hospital; Models of high and low performing community hospitals.

Rosie’s experience includes: complex mixed methods research in hospital settings; working with older people who may have cognitive impairment; qualitative methods including observation and interview. She completed her MSc in Health Research in 2012, which included a qualitative investigation of self-reported low-level unmet need after stroke.

Recent Publications

Johansson JF, Shannon R, Mossabir R, Airlie J, Ozer S, Moreau LA, Farris A, Mead G, English C, Fitzsimons CF, Clarke DJ, Forster A, on behalf of the RECREATE Programme Management Group. Intervention to reduce sedentary behaviour and improve outcomes after stroke (Get Set Go): a study protocol for the process evaluation of a pilot cluster randomised controlled trial (RECREATE)BMJ Open 2023;13:e075363.

Hardicre N, Murray J, Shannon R, Sheard L, Birks Y, Hughes L, Cracknell A, Lawton R. Doing involvement: A qualitative study exploring the ‘work’ of involvement enacted by older people and their carers during transition from hospital to home. Health Expectations. 2021; 1-12.

Skingley A, Godfrey M, Henderson R, Manley K, Shannon R, Young J. Implementing the PIE (Person, Interaction and Environment) programme to improve person-centred care for people with dementia admitted to hospital wards: a qualitative evaluation. International Practice Development Journal 2021;11(1).

Baxter R, Shannon R, Murray J, O’Hara JK, Sheard L, Cracknell A, Lawton R. Delivering exceptionally safe transitions of care to older people: a qualitative study of multidisciplinary staff perspectives. BMC Health Services Research 2020; 20:780.

Godfrey M, Young J, Shannon R, Skingley A, Woolley R, Arrojo F, Brooker D, Manley K & Surr C. 2018. The Person, Interactions and Environment Programme to improve care of people with dementia in hospital: a multisite study. Health Services and Delivery Research 6(23).

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