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Dr Sarah Hallas

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Elderly Care Researcher

ORCID  000-008-473-0553

Sarah is a research fellow in the Academic Unit for Ageing and Stroke Research. She has worked on the HERO (Home-based Extended Rehabilitation programme for frail Older people) trial, and the Novavax and RECOVERY COVID 19 trials. She has contributed to the mapping review for the POPPY (Pain in Older PeoPle with FrailtY) study. Sarah is currently working on the CARE75+ (Community Ageing Research) project.

Before joining the Unit Sarah has undertaken a PhD which developed a core outcome set for venous leg ulceration research evaluations. Sarah is a registered nurse and has worked predominantly in hepatology, palliative and elderly care services.

Sarah’s research interests include ageing, loneliness, mental health, leg ulcers, core outcome sets and hepatology.

Recent Publications

Hallas S, Nelson EA, O’Meara S, Gethin G, Adderley U, Meskell P, Nixon J, O’Loughlin A, Probst S, Tawfick W, Wild T. Development of a core outcome set for use in research evaluations of interventions for venous leg ulceration: International eDelphi consensus. Journal of Tissue Viability 2024;33(2):324-331.

Lam N, Green J, Hallas S, Forster A, Crocker TF, Andre D, Ellwood A, Clegg A, Brown L, on behalf of the POPPY Programme Group. Mapping review of pain management programmes and psychological therapies for community-dwelling older people living with pain. European Geriatric Medicine 2023;

Hallas S, Nelson EA, O’ Meara S, Gethin G. Identifying outcomes reported in trials of interventions in venous leg ulceration for a core outcome set development: A scoping review, Journal of Tissue Viability 2022;31(4):751-760.

Brown L, Heaven A, Quinn C, Goodwin V, Chew-Graham C, Mahmood F, Hallas S, Jacob I, Brundle C, Best K, Daffu-O’Reilly A, Spilsbury K, Young TA, Hawkins R, Hanratty B, Teale E, Clegg A. Community Ageing Research 75+ (CARE75+) REMOTE study: a remote model of recruitment and assessment of the health, well-being and social circumstances of older people. BMJ Open 2021;11(11):e048524.

Hallas, S. K. 2019. Development of a Core Outcome Set for Use in Research Evaluations of Interventions Used for Venous Leg Ulceration. PhD thesis, University of Leeds

Hallas, S., Nelson, A, O’Meara, S., Adderley, U., Meskell, P., Nixon, J., O’Loughlin, A., Probst, S., Tawfick, W., Wild, T and Gethin, G. 2021. Development of a Core outcome set for Venous leg ulceration (CoreVen) research evaluations (protocol). Journal of Tissue Viability. 30(3), pp.317-323.

Hallas S, Nelson A, O’ Meara S, Gethin G. Meeting Report: Core outcome set for Venous leg ulceration “CoreVen”. European Wound Management Association 2017;18(2): 27-31.