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We are pleased to announce that recruitment for the POPPY study is underway.

The £513K NIHR Health and Social Care Delivery Research study has recruited its first participants to take part in qualitative interviews to gain an understanding of older people’s thoughts and feelings about living with persistent pain, the impact pain has on their lives and how they engage with healthcare professionals about their pain (if they do).

We are aiming to interview around 30 older people (≥ 75 years) who experience persistent pain and frailty (some dyadic interviews will include spouses/partners, a close family member or unpaid carers). The next phase of the study will be to conduct interviews with a range of healthcare professionals working in pain services in different parts of the country to identify opportunities and barriers to engaging older people with frailty in pain management services and support.

This will be followed by co-design workshops involving a range of stakeholders to develop and operationalise theory-informed pain management guidance specific to the needs of older people with frailty in service contexts.

To get in contact with us about this project, please use our Contacts link on this website